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A Letter from Ron, CEO of ComplyPact

We are very excited about the recent launching of ComplyPact. Though we are a new company, the various product offerings have been years in the making. Our primary product is a Compliance Management System with ancillary services in Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources Training and two Virtual Conferences per year.
Our compliance program is not about PCI Compliance or anything related to PCI. As various governmental and law enforcement agencies deal with companies who have corporate compliance issues, our Compliance Management System delivers a “provable culture of compliance”. This culture reduces the risk of these agencies taking actions against companies and/or Merchants who use our Compliance Management System.
We at ComplyPact believe our product offerings will prove to be of great value to Merchants and their processing partners whether that be Processors, ISO’s, etc. The monthly expense to the Merchants is kept quite low while the Processors, ISO’s, etc. are able to substantially improve profitably through the mere volume of Merchants.
Give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to provide you with some additional information and/or set up a conference call to see what ComplyPact can do for you.

Ron Carter