Corporate Compliance Management System

Who Are We?

ComplyPact is a professional financial technology company with more than 75 years in the e-commerce, direct marketing, compliance, and payments industry.


About ComplyPact

ComplyPact provides financial technology services to an exploding industry with a first to market Automated Global Compliance and Merchant Training Solution to defend against far-reaching governmental agencies who can penetrate Acquirers, ISOs, PSPs, their merchants and assess fines and imprisonment.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently put forth new Corporate Compliance Guidelines for corporations.  The guidance states that it should be used to assist prosecutors in all three of these stages of enforcement

The ComplyPact automated system proves the effort to create a “Culture Of Compliance” within the workplace.

This will protect your company from fines and penalties.  Saving you up to 99%.

Value Add for Merchants

Merchants will receive access to training from industry experts in various topics